Artificial Intelligence: Impact of AI in Customer Service
12 Dec

Artificial Intelligence: Impact of AI in Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence and its need

Artificial intelligence, known as the replication of human intelligence processes by computer systems. And all these processes comprised of learning, reasoning, and self-correction. The applications of Artificial Intelligence includes speech recognition, machine vision, and expert system.


In general artificial intelligence divided into two types and they are narrow AI and general AI. Narrow AI is all about the things all around computers. It allows the works to be done specific stuff without being programmed. This type of artificial intelligence used in speech and language recognition in phones and cars. These systems help in knowing or learning various tasks. For limited task performance, it is known as Narrow Artificial Intelligence.


Whereas General Artificial Intelligence is a flexible form of intelligence that is capable of learning the processes to carry out almost all different tasks. It comprises of a wide variety of topics. These types of intelligence used in movies.


So I think you would have a good insight into artificial intelligence and its types as of now. Let’s go more into it by knowing the future of AI in customer experience.

An insight into Artificial Intelligence

For a successful application of AI in customer experience, anybody requires three fundamental capabilities such as

  • Data Unification
  • Real-time insights Delivery
  • Business Context

Data Unification

It is highly essential for any type of behavioral analytics. It makes all the tasks much cheaper, faster, and trouble-free.

Real-time Insights Delivery

Real-Time insight is quite necessary for impacting the customer experience. The customer journey analytics platforms fill all the gaps along with a host of APIs options that delivers real-time touchpoint integration quite effectively.

Business Context

For simplified interaction in customer experience, artificial intelligence is quite effective to deliver fast results. The AI systems can perform the best actions and attract a potential audience. You can also find touchpoints and various tactics to shape customer behavior and enhances performance.


Future of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence transforms customer service with proper automation, fast service and there is no difficulty. Prior to AI, it was quite difficult to understand each and every customer, but with the proper application of artificial intelligence it is quite possible and it will be effective more and more in the future by shaping the experience.


Applications like Chatbots are effective for customer-engagement service. It creates human interactions and responses to customers round the clock. And with the effective application, there won’t be any sort of errors or delays in customer service and the complaints can be treated quite easily and swiftly.



The virtual assistants have the ability to follow the commands made by customers. There are many mediums that assist and work as an online shopping assistant. So the future of AI is quite bright in customer experience.


The artificial intelligence will also assist in combining business houses, their services with the day-to-day life of customers. There will be a simplified medium for every product and service. It makes them feel the product or services just exclusive to them only. In fact, it will simplify the communication mode as well. Customer satisfaction and service will be at the top level for sure.


On the other hand with this, the business houses can also have a better idea of customer needs and behaviors. They can deliver the services before time. For example, the cars can fetch the preferred route of their customers and make them reach at their destination with ease. The AI will be a nice channel to carry out the emotions of every customer.


By enabling AI into their business the business houses and companies will be able to serve their customers in time and with proper attention as well. The journey of a particular customer or of a mass will be delightful for sure.It will also open many doors of benefits for customers and solve many pre-defined problems. It will also predict the future behavior of customers and help them in finding the best solution.


It is true that artificial intelligence has already opened the door for many possibilities. The digital transformation, as well as customer experience, will flourish as the door is already wide open. As per a source, around forty percent of digital transformation will be backed by artificial intelligence by the end of this year. And by the year 2025 around 95 percent of customer interaction will be powered by artificial intelligence. Whereas 85 percent of customer relationship programs will be done without any human interaction by 2020. The customer-centric programs and services will cost-saving and effective as well.




The artificial intelligence will be a great boon to customer experience if you implement it correctly. The digital transformation can also increase with respect to artificial intelligence. It will also enhance the response time, combine the sentiments into positive responses, and remove any sort of restriction. The human involvement will be less and it will be a blended methodology to solve many complex issues.

The combination of man-machine will be the key to dodge any mistakes.

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