“Making” things happen.

In today’s aggressive business environment, the manufacturing industry is engaged in designing a manufacturing system that perfectly blends together the fundamentals of minimizing cost and maximizing profit. The 3Ms of manufacturing man, machine and materials have to be effectively collaborated to maximize the output.


Serole offers IT solutions for manufacturing that are completely tuned to work in-sync with all the 3Ms and drive your business towards profitability. Our multi-pronged approach of software development, built on modern processes and robust systems has helped us create a holistic solution for the manufacturing industry. Our IT solutions for manufacturing are inordinately detailed and take care of every minute aspect of the manufacturing business.


We provide you an integrated system that efficiently handles all aspects of any production business including inventory and raw material, procurement, sales and customer service, production and quality control.


Our manufacturing software streamlines all crucial processes pertaining to manufacturing and allows the unrestrained flow of information from one business unit to another thus providing complete transparency and agility amongst business processes.


Moreover, our IT Manufacturing Solutions are detailed & comprehensive and are tuned to international standards and global processes thus making them fit for a universal platform.

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