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Healthcare IT Solution across the world has entered a new era of a sweeping revolution in how information is collected, stored, shared, reasoned with, and used to guide diagnosis and therapy. Digital medicine is now commonplace in hospitals, doctor’s’ offices, rehab centers and many other sites of care. It is unheard of to treat patients without using an electronic health record today.


However this is just the beginning, the new generation of modern technology promises to revolutionize the complete healthcare system. It brings in novel healthcare IT solutions for doctors, care-givers as well as patients.  From sensor-based remote monitoring systems to robot-care for patients, healthcare is climbing the stairs of betterment that are being held by the pillars of technology.


At Serole, we believe this to be the most rewarding return of the work we do. Technology being invested for the betterment of mankind is our ultimate salvation. We provide sound solutions in different areas of healthcare. From customized solutions to modernizing existing solutions we cater to the different needs of healthcare centers including:


  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Member and Patient Engagement Systems
  • Deploying Cloud Connectivity for Healthcare
  • Data Governance for Healthcare
  • Healthcare Application Modernization



Hospital Management


Digital Platforms





Internet Of Things


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