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Cloud Integration

Building successful, high-availability integrations for both cloud and on premise applications.



As our world becomes more connected to the cloud, integration is more relevant and important than ever. Also as enterprises trust the cloud to run more and more workloads, robustness is an indisputable requirement. With the diversity of services and applications both in the cloud and on premises, the need to provide the connective tissue that gets systems and services talking in a clean and efficient way is paramount.


Here’s where Enterprise integration skills and experience plays a crucial role. Cloud Integration is the core for this shift where APIs must be wired together i.e. integrated so the same cloud-based data stores and applications might be accessed by hundreds of different applications from thousands of different devices via APIs.


At Serole, we have witnessed Cloud Integration evolve firsthand and have developed our expertise around their pace of innovation. We cover all aspects of cloud integration and deliver complete integration solutions be it a simple Logic App or a more complex hybrid integration solution that spans both cloud and on premises.

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