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Security Testing

Serole tests the performance parameters of any software to ensure smooth running under conditions of stress.



The Web has no built-in security. Everything that is sensitive has to be managed by the Web application and dealt with on the combination of the Web server or client machine. More often than not the rush to the Web dulls our senses to these issues. The result has been that most Web applications are vulnerable to some sort of attack and that’s why security testing comes to the fore.


Security testing is a technique to determine if an information system protects the data and maintains functionality as intended. It also verifies the six basic factors – confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorisation, availability, and non-repudiation. It is all about finding all the possible loopholes and weaknesses of a system which might result in a loss of information at the hands of the employees or outsiders to the organization.


Serole can make your system foolproof and work with you to ensure that your information is not compromised.  Our experts address every category of Web software exploit: attacks on clients, servers, state, user inputs, and much more


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