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Performance Testing

Match your great engineering with sound testing.



Performance testing still very much is a neglected cousin of functional and operational acceptance testing (OAT), which are well understood and have a high maturity level in most business organizations. It is strange that companies continue to overlook the importance of performance testing, frequently deploying applications with little or no understanding of their performance, only to be beset with performance and scalability problems soon after the release.


However in today’s customer driven world, performance testing becomes all the more important as users are always logged in using different devices such as mobile, I-pads and laptops. Performance Testing is crucial to determine the responsiveness, reliability, throughput, interoperability, and scalability of a system and/or application under a given workload to ensure that it gives the best user experience to users anytime and anywhere. It is critical and essential to the success of any software product launch and its maintenance. Moreover it also plays an integral part in scaling an application out to support a wider user base.


At Serole, we are committed to change this and give performance testing its due. We deliver great performance by balancing the key factors, in your designs and then tracking them carefully. From checking responsiveness to throughput, reliability, and/or scalability of a system under a given workload we do a complete comprehensive performance testing to ensure that your systems are always up and running.



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