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Integration Testing

Verifying if independently developed modules work as a cohesive whole.



Integration testing is the stage before validation testing in which individual software modules are combined and tested as a unified group. However nowadays, Agile application development is usually adopted everywhere where many developers are working on the same piece of code.


Every so often, this becomes a real challenge if there’s no permanent control over consistency of the project source. It is often impossible to force busy programmers to execute tests before and after each of their commits. This leads to deployments fraught with risk, lack of consistency across environments, and systems displaying the impact of silos. This also costs an organisation a lot of revenue resulting in duplication of effort, skill sets, and cost per hour for billing. To mitigate these issues and bridge this gap, continuous integration is the answer. Continuous Integration is a well-known life saver for distributed development environments and Serole is amongst the best partners in implementing it.


At Serole, we do integration testing using time tested tools. Our experienced executives are able to zero-in on the exact glitches in no time and rectify them completely. As the project grows and more sophisticated requirements to the build process arise, our team assists you with advanced features to bring stability into the distributed development process.

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