Functional Testing for your business will help for the completeness,consistency and tracebility

Functional Testing

Evaluating Correctness, Completeness, Compatibility, Consistency and Traceability of Your Applications.




With an increase in number of applications available, users have become more demanding about the features of applications they are going to use. A solid testing of the application and its security aspects are the key factors in pursuit of success. This is where Functional testing plays a crucial part.


Functional testing is similar to black-box testing, and can efficiently validate stability of an application. It is one of the common and popular techniques to identify whether a particular piece of software is capable to be used independently by an organization or it has issues or technical glitches.


At Serole we do thorough testing to ascertain that your software products are fulfilling the needed requirements and are producing the expected results. We also ensure that your code base has functional requirements integrated into it and satisfies expected requirements. Our efforts are directed in ensuring that your team avoids unwanted rewrites, dissatisfaction of end users or your clients and moreover helps in avoiding project failure. In short, our time-tested activity can be treated as a low-cost insurance policy for any implementation.

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