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Agile BI

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Agile project management techniques work well for building software applications in general. However, data warehousing teams that have attempted to manage their data integration projects using generic methods have encountered tremendous difficulties in achieving the desired fast delivery pace.


To some extent, the challenges arise from trying to program an application that involves multiple layers of data transformations; however, these teams also discovered that incremental delivery of enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and business intelligence components demands new approaches to the supporting software engineering disciplines of requirements, data modeling, and quality assurance. This is where Agile BI comes to play.


At Serole, we develop agile versions of the supporting software engineering practices that allow EDW and BI team leaders to achieve early and continuous delivery of value to their business customers. Moreover we embed analytics into every stream and business collateral and weave it across every business functionality.  This wholesome approach helps us derive meaningful insights across the business using Agile Methodologies


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At Serole we do offer variety of services to our clients. We expertise in a list of service offerings, those are at below among most important



With the help of our expertise team, we do work on latest technology platforms to reduce cost cutting for our clients to better results.

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