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Energy and Utilities

Contributing with you towards building a cleaner, safer and sustainable environment


Utilities firm, play pivotal roles in shaping a country’s future and, improving the overall quality of life for its citizens. Affordable and reliable energy is integral for household productivity, and the development of most industries from agriculture to finance to healthcare to telecommunications.


However, today almost all the main utilities sectors are gripped with the problems of high demand, un-regularized supply, wastage, pilferages and thefts. Adding to the woes are distribution and network problems, carbon emission and environmental issues. On the consumer side, the big problem is that the payer is unaware of the billing vis-à-vis consumption relation A consumer is therefore not able to monitor his consumption effectively.


Amidst all this chaos, technological advances provide a huge hope for the utilities. From Automated Metering Infrastructure to SMART homes, technology offers an entire gamut of solutions to overcome and tackle existing problems. All you need is a trusted experienced partner for Digital solutions for Energy & Utilities Industry and that’s where Serole fills the gap.


At Serole, we are solution evangelists for IT Services & Solutions for Energy and Utilities, who are here to make a difference. Having arrived early in this sector, we have established technological leadership in some of the most advanced solutions for the energy and utilities sector. We provide solutions in the areas of Asset Management, Work Management, Inventory Management, Contract Management, Street works Management, Capital Project Management, and Field Service Management.


We are also equipped to deliver SMART Energy solutions like Remote Meter management, Distribution management, outage management, tariff management, demand response, energy audits, distribution transformer monitoring, home area networks (HAN) and billing.

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