7 Agile Methodology Benefits For Your Project Management
10 Jun

7 Agile Methodology Benefits For Your Project Management

Introduction to Agile Methodology


The term Agile denotes light weight and ready to adapt and change quickly, effectively and efficiently. It is a way of thinking rather than a process only. Primarily, Agile methodology provides agility in the thought process. Further, it is an iterative approach and building one step and learning what is more suitable and how to develop in the next iteration. Now a days, Businesses are agile and fluid and need to be aligned with IT solutions. Further, Agile Methodology helps to manage the expectations of all the stakeholders.


Benefits of Agile Methodology: 


The following 7 things are the important benefits provided by Agile Methodology


1.Effective Communication: Since all the stakeholders including Project Sponsor and team members are proactively involved in the project, effective and efficient communications are available throughout the project. Further, Project sponsor can share the Vision to the team members and there are no surprise elements to any of the stakeholders.


2.Simplicity: Agile Methodology provides simplicity and moves from simple to complex solution. Initially, it starts with a simple solution and additional functionality is added.


3.Testable: Since the solution is divided into manageable chunks, it is ensured that the complete solution is easily end-to-end testable.


4.Expectation Management: The proposed solution is accessible by all the stakeholders. So at each point of time stakeholders can provide the feedback and necessary changes can be implemented. Therefore, all the team members are well aware of the expected outcome of the project and expectations can be easily managed.


5.Work as a Team: All the stakeholders work as a team and trust in each other. Therefore, they have the faith, trust and courage to share their ideas for the betterment of the solution. Further, the team develops into strong team with very high morale.


6.Knowledge Management: Tacit and Explicit knowledge can be managed efficiently throughout the life cycle of the project as all he team works collaboratively.


7.Transparent: Agile Project Management is highly transparent, as Team members are aware of what other folks are doing. Additionally, they can provide suggestion and help team members if required.


What are the Issues associated with Agile Methodology?


Agile Methodology is simple, however, initially difficult to practice. It requires a complete shift of mindset, and significant change in culture and attitude is needed. Further, general practices, processes and skill sets of the team members needs to reviewed and changed. The team members need to be adaptable to the new requirements and Change Management implementation should be done very carefully. The team should be educated regarding the benefits of Agile methodology and encouraged and motivated to accept it. It may require organization change HR, planning and budgeting, policy.




Finally, Agile Software Development is highly recommended in present age as it is highly aligned with the business, provides more business value sooner, greater transparency, highly productive, team collaboration, higher quality etc leading to quick and high return on investment.


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