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Application Modernisation

Software applications need to be upgraded and keep them up-to-date or replace with newer technology

As times change, your business needs to change with them. Serole helps you make the necessary changes, but in a way that causes the least amount of interruption and lowers your overall cost of operation. We can upgrade your legacy systems or integrate them with newer technology. Why do this?

    • Many legacy systems have a higher cost of maintenance.
    • Some legacy systems are no longer supported by their original vendors. There’s a very real danger that your entire operation could be one breakdown away from fatal disruption.
    • Fewer and fewer people know how to run those systems, so you have a shrinking pool of employee expertise.
    • Some legacy systems are slower than more modern systems. Upgrading gives your customers a better service experience.
    • Many legacy systems lack web connectivity and that cuts you off from a host of business opportunities.
    • Most legacy systems are inflexible and frequently lack the scalability you need for business growth.

At Serole, we approach changes to business infrastructure with the care not to disrupt the working operation. We don’t use the more risky rip-and-replace strategies that might give you loss of data integrity and down time. We have methods for speeding up modernisation projects, to build new systems in parallel, to test and monitor them, and to implement them with the least amount of danger to your operation, production and data reliability. We have the tools and expertise to make the migration to the new system both painless and rapid in order to minimise any impact on productivity.

Serole’s Modernisation Methods include:

    • Web enabling,
    • Re-engineering,
    • Re-hosting,
    • Componentisation, and New development.

Serole’s Application Modernisation Services include:

    • Application portfolio assessment,
    • Technology and infrastructure assessments,
    • Remediation and migration solution definition, and
    • Product upgrades.
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What our client says!

I would like to communicate my appreciation to the Serole team on their work on the successful implementation of “EIP Throttling” project. Serole Team lead the development and implementation of a solution to production problem that had impacted customer experience due provisioning delays. The solution has been delivered under aggressive timelines, and within constrains caused by other major projects. Serole team worked over the weekends and Christmas holidays to complete the development. The quick delivery didn’t compromise the quality of the solution: there were no functional defects identified in SIT and none performance related defects during PT testing. This is a fine example of work well done to improve our customer experience
Einat Zobel
Project Manager- Lion Pty Limited
A very big thank you to you and tour team for coming together to have this matter resolved. Considering the condition of the instance, your team performed remarkably and were very professional in all aspects.  I look forward to working with your team again in the future
Jack Epsimos
Performance & Environment Services - Optus
Thanks for your demonstration this afternoon. It was exciting to see it in action, using the words of the CAM specialist who witnessed its capability: “Wow, that's amazing!".  It has really  given me a confidence boost in T&Ps delivery and us being able to achieve some great tactical solutions next FY - it is truly exciting. Keep it up, thanks for your continued support and see you soon!
Digby Wilson
Head of Provisioning - Optus