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Application Maintenance

Software applications need to be maintained properly and keep them up-to-date for compliance or security reasons

Software applications need to be maintained just like equipment. Though software doesn’t wear out, like their physical counterpart, computer applications do need to be upgraded to keep them up-to-date for compliance or security reasons. Occasionally, bugs need to be fixed that could otherwise jeopardize your operation.

Any change to your system comes with a certain amount of risk. A wrong setting or a misapplied upgrade could bring your operation to a halt. You need to have help from people who know the significance of each change and who also know how to soften the impact of those changes should something unexpected occur.

Serole’s Application Maintenance Services

With Serole, you are assigned a team of professionals with thorough knowledge of your application’s maintenance issues. Your Serole team will also be brought up to speed to understand your line of business. Besides making certain that your application is up-to-date, your Serole team will troubleshoot, analyse and assess your application for enhanced efficiency and performance. We want to ensure your application not only runs smoothly, but also gives you the greatest possible productivity.

Serole’s Service Management methodologies ensure problems are solved quickly, and that thorough tests are performed. Also, they ensure that updates are methodically implemented and documented, with strict change management policies enforced. The bottom line? You get the best possible performance out of your application with greatly reduced risk.

Serole’s Application Maintenance Services include:

  • Rationalization: Application rationalization strategy, Total Cost of Ownership compared to Return on Investment  calculation, data and operations management plans.
  • Outsourcing Assessment: TCO/ROI calculation, application transition methodology, future state delivery model, staffing projections, infrastructure requirements,Service Level Agreement definition, vendor management, business continuity planning.
  • Production Support: Strategic planning and support, help desk, availability management, systems health monitoring, interface management , service level management , production control and management, business continuity planning, HR transition.
  • Maintenance: Problem management, enhancement support, implementation support, change management, service level management, business continuity planning, HR transition.
  • Performance Tuning: Performance tuning, batch optimization, resource rationalization, external interface management, resource utilization projection.
  • Gatekeeper: Change control, configuration management, release management, regression testing.
  • Reverse Engineering: Business process documentation, technical flows documentation, database schema documentation.
  • Decommissioning: Process migration strategy, operations manual, cutover migration, cutover management.

Application Maintenance Methodology

Serole has perfected its methodology for the gradual transfer of duties from your in-house maintenance team to our team. While there are variations depending on the nature of the application and the scope of the project, in most maintenance projects our four-phased approach has proven to be the most effective.

The process begins with our offshore team attending to non-vital tasks and gradually reaches the level where our team will assume complete responsibility for systems management and upkeep. Serole’s proven methodologies help break down the maintenance process into logical levels. From there, your team sets appropriate goals for maintaining agreed upon service levels.

Our Delivery Models

Any Serole project can be delivered from any of our locations, or any combination of them. The decision about where to hold the project is all about the client and the project needs. Occasionally it’s essential to undertake the whole project onsite, co-located with the client. From our viewpoint, this approach holds many advantages. It makes the work we’re doing ultimately transparent and collaborative, but holding the project onsite is not always an option, or even the best solution.

Distributed — The project team is split across more than one site. That’s it. Nothing more complicated! A distributed team could be in two different offices. Of course, they still face communication challenges and need tools to support their collaboration. We have successfully practiced Distributed Agile for many years, and often in combination with offshore delivery.

Offshore — Primarily, these are projects delivered from a single offshore centre. Often these engagements start with a thorough face-to-face meeting at the best possible location. Then, with everyone sharing a common understanding of the challenge, the project team members are co-located, most frequently at one of our offices in India.

Business Value through Application Maintenance

Our expert team will deliver Application Maintenance and Enhancement services that will provide immediate business value to your organisation:
  • Frees up your valuable IT staff and other resources for more strategic, core initiatives.
  • Brings the best technology solution to each challenge, increasing your productivity.
  • Lowers your cost of ongoing support.
Use the contact form to get in touch with us or Email us some details about your specific need and we will get in touch shortly to discuss it further

What our client says!

I would like to communicate my appreciation to the Serole team on their work on the successful implementation of “EIP Throttling” project. Serole Team lead the development and implementation of a solution to production problem that had impacted customer experience due provisioning delays. The solution has been delivered under aggressive timelines, and within constrains caused by other major projects. Serole team worked over the weekends and Christmas holidays to complete the development. The quick delivery didn’t compromise the quality of the solution: there were no functional defects identified in SIT and none performance related defects during PT testing. This is a fine example of work well done to improve our customer experience
Einat Zobel
Project Manager- Lion Pty Limited
A very big thank you to you and tour team for coming together to have this matter resolved. Considering the condition of the instance, your team performed remarkably and were very professional in all aspects.  I look forward to working with your team again in the future
Jack Epsimos
Performance & Environment Services - Optus
Thanks for your demonstration this afternoon. It was exciting to see it in action, using the words of the CAM specialist who witnessed its capability: “Wow, that's amazing!".  It has really  given me a confidence boost in T&Ps delivery and us being able to achieve some great tactical solutions next FY - it is truly exciting. Keep it up, thanks for your continued support and see you soon!
Digby Wilson
Head of Provisioning - Optus