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Integration Solution Support Center

Integration platforms keep your business solutions operating, having expert, reliable support is crucial to the success of your organization. Our integration solution support centre provides peace of mind to our clients. They know that if there is a failure in their mission critical integration solution, one of our support engineers will fix it quickly and thoroughly within our strict service level agreement (SLA). Our 24 x 7 support solution is complementary to your vendor support agreement.

While vendor support only covers software, Seroles’s expert solution support covers your organization’s full solution, including customizations, essentially outsourcing your support function. We have the infrastructure, a dedicated team of experts, and the experience to deliver a first class service and resolve any issue.

Our integration solution support centre acts as the single point of contact for support on your middleware environment, dealing with production issues in your solution on a break-fix basis as well as resolving software issues with the vendor.


Serole’s focus on preventing downtime and proactive monitoring brings you much more than basic break-fix support.

Proactive, Remote Support that Prevents Downtime
System monitoring and diagnostics are active 24/7 not just after an event has caused a problem. This is key to our ability to assure the availability of the platforms you rely on to support your most critical business processes.

Immediate Response from Availability Experts
Our response time and problem resolution skills are second to none. Every Stratus service engineer is a highly skilled expert dedicated to helping you sustain 24/7 uptime.

In-Depth System Health Reporting
With diagnostic information always at their fingertips, Our integration support engineers have the details they need to help determine the root cause of hardware and software issues. We then implement prevention plans to mitigate the risk of hitting known problems in the future.

Full-Service Customer Care
At Stratus, mission-critical customer support means 24/7 coverage. You won’t have to search a self-help database or product manual to find an answer to a problem or question.

Critical is Defined by Your Business Needs
Stratus offers a tailored support model to meet the unique requirements of your most critical business services. Our support professionals let your organization set the severity of situations when you place a service call.

Single Source of Accountability
Deep knowledge and experience helps us resolve multivendor issues. We provide a single source of accountability for complex inter-related platform, Application software and operating system support issues even when vendor responsibility is not immediately clear.

Dedication to 99.99% Availability is a Core Value
Commitment to your uptime is more than a promise with our support services. It’s embedded in Serole’s culture and brought into action by the technology, process and accountability we use to provide customer care.

Use the contact form to get in touch with us or Email us some details about your specific need and we will get in touch shortly to discuss it further

What our client says!

I would like to communicate my appreciation to the Serole team on their work on the successful implementation of “EIP Throttling” project. Serole Team lead the development and implementation of a solution to production problem that had impacted customer experience due provisioning delays. The solution has been delivered under aggressive timelines, and within constrains caused by other major projects. Serole team worked over the weekends and Christmas holidays to complete the development. The quick delivery didn’t compromise the quality of the solution: there were no functional defects identified in SIT and none performance related defects during PT testing. This is a fine example of work well done to improve our customer experience
Einat Zobel
Project Manager- Lion Pty Limited
A very big thank you to you and tour team for coming together to have this matter resolved. Considering the condition of the instance, your team performed remarkably and were very professional in all aspects.  I look forward to working with your team again in the future
Jack Epsimos
Performance & Environment Services - Optus
Thanks for your demonstration this afternoon. It was exciting to see it in action, using the words of the CAM specialist who witnessed its capability: “Wow, that's amazing!".  It has really  given me a confidence boost in T&Ps delivery and us being able to achieve some great tactical solutions next FY - it is truly exciting. Keep it up, thanks for your continued support and see you soon!
Digby Wilson
Head of Provisioning - Optus