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Healthcare IT Solution across the world has entered a new era of a sweeping revolution in how information is collected, stored, shared, reasoned with, and used to guide diagnosis and therapy. Digital medicine is now commonplace in hospitals, doctor’s’ offices, rehab centres and many other sites of care. It is unheard of to treat patients without using an electronic health record today.

However this is just the beginning, the new generation of modern technology promises to revolutionize the complete healthcare system. It brings in novel healthcare IT solutions for doctors, care-givers as well as patients.  From sensor based remote monitoring systems to robot-care for patients, healthcare is climbing the stairs of betterment that are being held by the pillars of technology.

At Serole, we believe this to be the most rewarding returns of the work we do. Technology being invested for the betterment of mankind is our ultimate salvation. We provide sound solutions in different areas of healthcare. From customized solutions to modernizing existing solutions we cater to the different needs of healthcare centers including:

Healthcare Domain Expertise

  • Hospital Management Information System
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Member and Patient Engagement Systems
  • Deploying Cloud Connectivity for Healthcare
  • Data Governance for Healthcare
  • Healthcare Application Modernization

Solutions and Services

  • Hospital Management Information System –

I.C.E. Apple – Hospital Management Information System

Digital Hospital Transformation empowered by AES Technologies

To transform the hospital of conventional practice into a modernized digital hospital that improves the quality of patient treatment, creates customer satisfaction, ensures patient safety, drives efficiency and effectual business operations. 

  • Patient-centric: Making hospital patient friendly by reducing their waiting period and empower telemedicine for remote doctor consultation.
  • Hospital centric: Reducing the operational cost through automation, proper resource utilization and effective storage of patient records.
  • Doctor-centric: Automates the storing of electronic medical records by seamlessly integrating with all medical components to reduce manual errors, create work satisfaction and improves productivity.
  • IT-centric: Extensible storage of patient and employee records that handles all historical information to prevent data deletion. Providing user-friendly access with cloud-enabled systems and flexible architecture.
  • Client centric: To drive innovation in the hospital, we continually improve the functionality of HMIS that improves the efficiency and enhance hospital revenue.  
  •  Digital Hospital Features 
  1. EMR (Electronic Medical Records):Automated real-time storing of clinical information by seamlessly integrating with patient monitoring systems to build an electronic medical record.
  2. PRM (Patient Relationship Management):PRM aggregate all information across the hospital into a single database, analyze the data to obtain the targets and find ways to reach the targets. It initiates the marketing campaign which triggers patients, non-patients customers, referral doctors, non-referral doctors and improves business ROI through successful campaigns.  
  3. HRMS:Human Resource Management Systems controls and manages the employee payroll, human resource practices, hospital administration, and employee recruitment, and training, employee performance monitoring and reporting.   
  4. BI:Business Intelligence collects the information from internal systems and external sources to assist the hospital executives in making the best result oriented decisions. 
  5. ITSM:Information Technology Service Management controls, manages and improves the information technologies used in the hospitals; it aims the proper utilization of people, process and information technology systems to achieve the hospital goals.  
  6. PACS:Picture archiving and communication system provides storage, access, retrieval, and distribution of medical images to avoid manual storage. 
  7. WEBSITE/PORTAL:Automated web application that covers the patient registration, hospital administration, inpatient management, outpatient management, medical diagnosis and treatment, pharmacy, discharge, post hospitalization follow up and post-hospital care.
  8. IoT:Internet of things is the next big future which introduced modern health-care wearables such as Fitbit, health-care applications and others that can easily integrate with HMIS to compare with hospital medications. 
  9. Mobility Solutions: An effective mobile application that facilitates in the viewing of real-time medical records, doctor details, patient medications, major surgical information and reaching nurses during emergencies.

 Mobile Application

Do you find long queues in your hospital, now make hospital appointments easier using our effective I.C.E. Apple mobile app.

With our customizable and user-friendly mobile app, booking hospital appointments have made easier with one-touch appointments.  Do you think about syncing the mobile app with HIS web app? Our mobile application will make it easier by seamlessly interfacing with HIS web application and handles both doctor and patient records.   Have your patients complained about carrying huge medical records? Never worry, our I.C.E. Apple comes with a modernized Android application for smart phones and tablets to facilitate the patient to view their real-time medical records, doctor information, prescriptions, and major surgical information in one app. Reaching nurses during emergencies is also made easier with our efficient mobile app which enables patients to call nurses in real-time.

Our Delivery Models

    Any Serole project can be delivered from any of our locations, or any combination of them. The decision about where to hold the project is all about the client and the project needs. Occasionally it’s essential to undertake the whole project onsite, co-located with the client. From our viewpoint, this approach holds many advantages. It makes the work we’re doing ultimately transparent and collaborative, but holding the project onsite is not always an option, or even the best solution.

    Modes of Delivery Explained

    Distributed — The project team is split across more than one site. That’s it. Nothing more complicated! A distributed team could be in two different offices. Of course, they still face communication challenges and need tools to support their collaboration. We have successfully practiced Distributed Agile for many years, and often in combination with offshore delivery.

    Offshore — Primarily, these are projects delivered from a single offshore centre. Often these engagements start with a thorough face-to-face meeting at the best possible location. Then, with everyone sharing a common understanding of the challenge, the project team members are co-located, most frequently at one of our offices in India.

    Serole Advantage

    1. A leading System Integrator and Enterprise Solutions Provider in Insurance, Healthcare, Banking, Telco, Retail, Public Sector/Government and Education
    2. Serole has worldwide presence in several countries including Australia, Singapore, Germany, South Africa and USA
    3. Serving clients in over 14 countries as of today
    4. 170+ Enterprise Skilled Technical Associates Worldwide and growing. 500+ Partner Consultants
    5. Technology Collaboration with leading technology, product and solution providers such as SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Liferay, Kony, Denodo, Okta, ServiceNow, Akana, and Teaming Partnership Collaboration with Specialized service providers such as NRI, T-Systems, CityAscom, Ciber-CMC, AES Technologies, Spritle Software, Elegant Microweb, Tatvaset and more…
    6. Proven experience in delivering large projects and turnkey solutions
    7. Excellent track record in providing proven and world class products, solutions and consulting services
    8. Expert domain knowledge and industry standards across many domains such as insurance, financial, retail, logistics, manufacturing and healthcare
    9. Expert blend of Functional, Technical resources and delivery practice coupled
    10. Value added Methodologies, Templates, Accelerators and Solution frameworks
    11. Expert and Unique/ Custom Data Migration solutions
    12. Our Center of Excellence with pre-defined process, frameworks and templates
    13. Good understating of E2E architecture and system knowledge will simplify the problem investigation and resolution process
    14. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified processes, together with our integrated global delivery model, ensures rapid development, deployment and 24/7 support.

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    What our client says!

    I would like to communicate my appreciation to the Serole team on their work on the successful implementation of “EIP Throttling” project. Serole Team lead the development and implementation of a solution to production problem that had impacted customer experience due provisioning delays. The solution has been delivered under aggressive timelines, and within constrains caused by other major projects. Serole team worked over the weekends and Christmas holidays to complete the development. The quick delivery didn’t compromise the quality of the solution: there were no functional defects identified in SIT and none performance related defects during PT testing. This is a fine example of work well done to improve our customer experience
    Einat Zobel
    Project Manager- Lion Pty Limited
    A very big thank you to you and tour team for coming together to have this matter resolved. Considering the condition of the instance, your team performed remarkably and were very professional in all aspects.  I look forward to working with your team again in the future
    Jack Epsimos
    Performance & Environment Services - Optus
    Thanks for your demonstration this afternoon. It was exciting to see it in action, using the words of the CAM specialist who witnessed its capability: “Wow, that's amazing!".  It has really  given me a confidence boost in T&Ps delivery and us being able to achieve some great tactical solutions next FY - it is truly exciting. Keep it up, thanks for your continued support and see you soon!
    Digby Wilson
    Head of Provisioning - Optus